The LifeSpark Difference

The LifeSpark Difference

Transforming Your Home from Darkness to Distinction

LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting

Lifetime warranty on everything (fixtures, transformer, install, connections) – Very simple

Free AMP (Annual Maintenance Plan) – Never have to do or pay for maintenance again!

Integrated (no bulb to change ever) LED Fixture (lifetime warranty)

Quality of light output maintains a consistent smooth look for years

Our Integrated LED Fixtures are Made in USA

Outdoor Lighting is our only business – we are the experts

Our Integrated LED fixtures at 20 years old are still at 90% Brightness (Light Degradation)

Largest selection of unique lights so that we can achieve the lighting effect you are looking for.

A Typical Lighting Company

Very confusing warranty. LED bulb 5 years, installation 10 years, connections 5 years, timers 1 year

Charge a yearly maintenance fee. Usually $15-20.00 per fixture per year. Can get quite expensive

LED Retro fit bulb Usually only a 5 year warranty (Less reliable , less output)

LED bulb light doesn’t blend or fade well (color and quality of light is not consistent)

LED bulbs are made in China or Taiwan

They do landscaping and or irrigation as there main business

LED bulbs at only 5 years old are already down to 70% brightness (Light Degradation)

Only a few different types of lights to use and usually the design and lighting effect will suffer.