Lighting Demonstrations

LifeSpark Lighting, Inc. believes that the ONLY way you get exactly what you want in your low voltage lighting system is with an after dark demonstration. After the demonstration we can put together a plan based on what your interested in.

All packages include…


The After Dark Demonstration


On-Site Planning and Design


Product Showcase and Selection


Installation of All Materials



Final After Dark Adjustments



Warranty and Lifetime Annual Maintenance

We can also install your lighting system in phases – adding on as your needs change and your budget allows.

LifeSpark Lighting, Inc. services what they sell. They also service systems that have been installed by someone other than them.  For system LifeSpark installs, we include yearly maintenance for the life of the system. For systems installed by other vendors, we offer attractive annual maintenance contracts.
We welcome the opportunity to add your home or business to our list of satisfied customers!