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Outdoor Lighting Nashville- Seeing is believing What I’m going to be talking about in this article is how outdoor lighting Nashville is all about the seeing is believing philosophy. Just like when you buy a car you always test drive the car first before you buy it. That’s the way we are with our lighting here at lifespark will outdoor lighting Inc. we believe that you should be able see what the lights look like on your home or business for a few nights for free. You will not be under any obligation to buy anything until you are completely satisfied with the look the LED outdoor lighting system can give you. So give us a call so you can see firsthand what we are talking about. The way it works with us is you probably received some type of flyer in your mailbox or hanging on your door with some type of promotional writing on the marketing material and that’s how you found out about us. Although sometimes clients have found us by googling outdoor lighting Nashville or by just doing a simple search for landscape lighting Nashville. You have also maybe heard of us on the radio asking you to call in and also in some occasions you may have seen us on a TV commercial. We advertise everywhere because we want to make sure that you find us when you’re looking for an outdoor lighting system. Or maybe you seem one of our vans driving down the road or part at a neighbors house. We like it when we are referred by one of many very happy clients. No matter how you heard about us we are absolutely delighted that you have taken the time to give us a call. When you called you probably called us at lifespark outdoor lighting at our phone number 615-796-3961. Or you might of visited us at our website which is WWW.lifesparklighting.com. If you visited our website you might have even have filled out our consultation request form online. Some of our clients even upload a picture of their home so that we can get started on the design process before we even come out. Here at outdoor lighting Nashville we take the design process very seriously. So if you didn’t find us on the web and fill out the consultation request form you probably called us at 615-796-3961 and when we answered the phone and I hope we were able to answer all of your questions. We always write down your inormation so we know exactly what you are wanting and where you are located. After we get all of your information will set up a time when it’s convenient for you in our design consultant to stop by and take a look and start the design process. I know that everyone schedule is very crazy so we are always very willing to work around your schedule. We offer morning appointments, afternoon appointments and even evening appointments as late as 9 o’clock. That is why outdoor lighting Nashville is the best. Once we get the initial call in after setting up a time with you for design consultant to come out he will show up on time and sit down with you to discuss exactly what you’re wanting in your expectations. After that you all will do a walk around your property so you can show exactly what areas you’re wanting to be highlighted Whether it be for the safety aspect, security aspect or even the aesthetic purposes or even if it’s a little of each of the reasons. The design consultant will take into account everything everything that you discuss. I’m confident that the design that outdoor lighting Nashville will give you will meet all your desires. In my opinion there is no one better than lifespark outdoor lighting Inc. when it comes the design.
Then after he presents his design and listens to any questions or advice that you might have in if need be make tweaks to the design. The designer will then go ahead and get the lights in the transformer and the wiring out of his vehicle and proceed to start to set up the temporary fixtures. The setup process for the nighttime demonstration can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours it all depends on how many fixtures he is setting up. The designer will take extra caution as to not damage any flowers or bushes when he setting up the nighttime demonstration. Once he finds an outlet to plug the transformer and he will do so and then run his wires from the transformer to each fixture. So call outdoor lighting Nashville as soon as you can. The designer will then hook the wires to each fixture and secure them with the wire nut on each wire to ensure that the wire do not come apart. After he has all of the fixtures hooked up and installed in the ground he will then do a walk through to make sure that each of the lights are pointed where they need to be pointed at. He will then set the timer in the transformer to come on at dusk and go off at dawn. You’ll be amazed at the difference that outdoor lighting Nashville provides to each and every client. Having superior attention to detail is what sets lifespark outdoor lighting Inc. apart from the competition. Then later that evening the lights will come on at dusk in the client will be able to tell exactly what their house will look like with a professionally installed lighting system from outdoor lighting Nashville. As most customers are you will be completely blown away about how awesome your house looks at night in understand that seeing is believing. The designer will check in a few days later and come back to get the clients opinion and see if any tweaking needs to be made to complete the system. When the designer comes back to present the client with a no obligation free quote from lifespark outdoor lighting Inc. So if you’re ready give us a call at 615-796-3961. Or visit us on the web at www.lifesparklighting.com.