Outdoor Lighting Nashville | Make your house stand out

Lighting Nashville and we do outdoor lighting Nashville 100 different ways we can do outdoor like Nashville at your home. We can do outdoor relay Nashville at your business we can do outdoor lighting Nashville anywhere you want us to do outdoor lighting Nashville outdoor. Let me answer it was our passion and it’s what we do. We love outdoor lighting in Nashville. We define outdoor lighting in Nashville. We work hard to show people that that’s what we are put on this earth for is to be outdoor lighting. Nashville. Outdoor lighting Nashville folks I’m not lying about it. We really are a lot of times you know spend it getting hot and we’re you know outdoor lighting.

Nashville is where we’re at. And you know that’s what I’m saying is that we are you know just really just hanging out outdoor. Lighting. And. You know.

Outdoor lighting Nashville and that’s what I love about it is the outdoor lighting Nashville it’s never made easier than it is right now because you can get all your outdoor lighting Nashville needs fixed right here. We’ve been you know outdoor lighting Nashville for a number of years and really made outdoor feel so easy because we have a wonderful side available called life spark lighting dot.com where you know outdoor lighting Nashville is just made simple you just go right on here and one click away.

8 6 6 9 5 5 8 6 4 6 and you’re right on the line with us and be able to get in touch with us and you know get an appointment made and we’ll come out and let you know what we’re going to do here we’re going to do the after dark demonstration first to figure out what you are wanting and bring a bunch of stuff out kind of show you what we have to offer and how we could make it look on your house and what it would look like and kind of get a game plan going so we know what to go back and do we’re going to go back and draw these plans out and get it going for you. We’re going to come back and we’re going to show you exactly what we need to do to get it going and that you know is what it is and we’re going to come back and put it in. We’re going to give you a demonstration first before we do that. Do that of what it’s all going to look like before it’s installed with the outdoor demonstration of what you picked. And the plan that we put together afterwards. Then after you decide if that’s OK and we’ve made some adjustments there we’re going to go ahead and have it installed after it’s installed. We’re going to come back again for an outdoor nighttime demonstration. We’re going to show you what we’ve got installed what it looks like and make sure you’re happy with it.

And the last minute adjustments you want to make or any questions or if you just want to sit there and tell us how happy you are and let us film a great testimonial from you. We’ll do that as well. So please come get live. Spark outdoor lighting all even bring some chicken over on the grill and we can have a little dinner you know that night we look at the final product and you know grill out have a couple of drinks and sit out there and look at the house and just see how nice it looks and soak it all in if you want to be able to give us a call right here and get your stuff serviced year round. You know and have that that one year warranty on all the system bulbs. You’re going to want to come right here to live sparks so when you have that one year warranty if it comes down to come something comes up or doesn’t work right in the first year we’re going to place it for free. Now after that we’ll still replace it you’ll have to pay for it. So that is kind of the gist of what we do. That’s what we’ve been working with. That’s you know that’s what we’re about here. So if you are interested in you know doing the. Outdoor lighting thing and you know you might make whether you want landscape lighting holiday lighting you know just to look at the lighting systems we have. Go online you know look at all the stuff we have there. You know we got Transformers a low voltage lighting system uses a transformer to convert 120 volts to current to 12 volt current.

So we have that low voltage lighting system that’s kind of hooked up to those lights and it converts that 120 volt down to 12 volt So this is safe. The low 12 volt is attributed to the 12 volt light fixtures via a wire cable. Transformers can be mounted inside and outside depending on the lighting design the electrical outlet location. We use only the highest quality stainless steel case transformers that are UL 1838 approved for landscape lighting. Also they carry a lifetime warranty special low voltage lighting cable is used to connect the fixtures to the transformer.

Usually 10 12 or 18 gauges used the cable can be easily hidden or in the landscape or the lawn no trenching or disturbance of existing landscape is needed.

We also staple all of our cables in the ground to keep them in place. So that’s another thing you know we staple that thing down. It’s not going to get out of place it’s going to be right there. You know right there for you. And so that’s really the great thing about it.

And most of the bulbs in the landscape lighting fixtures today are halogen. So the reason for this is that if you get brighter wider lights and less wattage wattage is can range from seven to 75 watts per bulb in a low voltage system depending on the effect and how you’re what you’re looking for. Average life of a halogen bulb is about 25 hours and how long is that. Well if you use your lighting system an average of six hours a night 365 days a year that’s equal to.

Two thousand one hundred ninety hours. We usually recommend replacement of the bulbs after about one year of service.