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Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga is the answer for all your outdoor lighting needs. Have you been struggling with lighting at your home? Does it look dark and dreary when you drive up after a long day at work? Is your wife worried about driving up to a dark house after picking up the kids from ball practice? Do you look at the neighbor’s house and think boy, I wish my home looked like THAT at night! LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga can take care of all your concerns. We have been making our customers outdoor lighting wishes come true for over 6 years in Chattanooga. Here at Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga it is important to us that we understand the customer’s priorities for their lighting project before we begin the design process. That is why you will have several points of contact with us before you ever actually get to meet us in most cases. You may have found LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga in one of several ways. Maybe you saw our website, maybe you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Perhaps you Googled Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga. The best-case scenario for LifeSpark would be that you had a friend, colleague, or family member brag about their LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting system to you and recommend us for your project. No matter how you may have found us, once you call us or email us that you are interested in consulting with LifeSpark on your lighting project you will get to talk to our friendly office staff who will set up your appointment for the consultation. Soon after that you will get an email from your Sales Consultant with several important documents attached. Several of the documents will get you more acquainted with LifeSpark and why we are different from other lighting companies. The most important document is the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire. We ask that you fill out this short 6 question survey that helps your Consultant begin to plan for our visit. If you don’t have a chance to fill it out, don’t worry, your Consultant will call you to get the information over the phone. It is important that we know what you are interested in before we get to your house or place of business, so that we don’t waste your time. Now comes the fun part! On the day of your consultation, your Sales Consultant will meet with you and your spouse, hopefully, to further clarify the scope of your project. At LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we pride ourselves on having a solution for your every lighting need. We want to fully understand your ideas and goals for the project. Not only that, but we want to know what motivated you to pick up the phone and make that call in the first place. Are you worried about Security for your family when you are away from home? Are you worried about safety of movement around your property when guests come to visit? Or, are you like many of our clients that take great pride in the home that they have worked so hard for, and they want it to look as good or better in the evening as it does during the daylight hours. No matter your motivation, LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has the best solution for you. Once your Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga Design Consultant is totally confident that he is on the same page as you on the project, he will begin to work his magic. Your consultant has spent years honing his craft. He probably has already laid awake at night thinking about how to best illuminate your home. He wants to accentuate the architectural details of your house and property, highlighting those columns you love so much, drawing out the colors and texture variation in that stonework you and your spouse spent so much time deciding on, playfully lighting that flagstone pathway, and lighting your way safely down those front brick steps. Obviously, these are just examples of a few of the things your LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga Consultant can call attention to. But the important thing is that he is going to make you say WOW when you see the completed project. That is a fact and a guarantee!
After your consultant has spent some time pondering over your project, he will present it to you during the same consultation in most cases. We want to get your Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga project under way as quickly as possible. Your proposal will be presented to you neatly in an emailed document that is clear and concise and easy to understand. It will include all the fixtures necessary to carry out your outdoor lighting dream. It will show you exactly how much the project will cost. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we don’t believe in surprises when it comes to the cost of your project, only when it comes to how unbelievable your property will look when we are done. That will be the surprise! Your consultant will also explain the benefits of letting LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga design, install, and maintain your lighting system rather than some mow and blow. We use only the finest outdoor lighting fixtures available on the market. The vast majority of the products are American designed and manufactured right down the road in Tampa Florida. We believe in Making America Great Again by using American products! We will install those products at your property in a pain-staking fashion using methods we have tested and developed over the last 20 years in this industry. We will back your system with the Life Spark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga Lifetime Warranty. If a fixture fails, we will replace it free of charge. Finally, you will get, free of charge, our AMP or Annual Maintenance Program. We will return to your property on an annual basis to clean, readjust, reposition, and inspect your Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga system. We want your system to look as good in year 20 as it did the day we installed it. Now what are you waiting for? You have been dreaming about having a professional outdoor lighting system for a while, now haven’t you? You want the Mercedes, not the Buick, or worse the Yugo, right? You don’t want to ever have to change bulbs or worry about maintaining the system yourself, right? You certainly don’t want to have to PAY someone to maintain it. Give yourself a treat, work with the best, call LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga TODAY at 866-955-8646!!