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Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga is your source for custom holiday lighting Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has been the source for professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting systems for many years. Over our years in business we have realized there was an additional need for our clients when it comes to holiday lighting as well. That is why Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga also offers custom designed and installed Holiday Lighting for our client’s homes and businesses as well. Over the years, holiday lighting has become an important part of the holiday season for many people. Unfortunately it is also one of the busiest times of the year for most people as well. It truly is a time of hustle and bustle! There are parties to plan, family to entertain, gifts to buy, and decorations to install. Many of our clients want their homes to have that warm holiday glow, but they simply do not have the time to do it themselves. That is where Lifespark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga comes to the rescue. We can take that decorating task off of your to do list, and get it done for you without all of the hassle and aggravation of doing it yourself. Even if time was not a factor, decorating your home for the holidays can be a dangerous proposition! Do you really want to get up on that 30 foot ladder leaning against the side of your house? Or climb up in that tree to decorate it to the top? I think not! You have a family to care for, and bills to pay! Do not risk a fall and injury that could lay you up for weeks. Leave this task to the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, first and foremost we are licensed and insured. You do not want anybody with a truck and a ladder coming on to your property and crawling all over the roof of your house installing holiday lights. If they are not insured and an accident does happen, guess who they are going to come looking for? You, of course! Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has Workman’s Comp insurance on all of our employees (and yes they are employees, not contractors), and we carry a million dollar liability insurance coverage on all of our installations, just in case the worst may happen. Please don’t trust your holiday lighting installation to just anybody, hire a professional! Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has a great many options for your holiday lighting display. We are happy to go subtle and conservative to full on Griswold! It is totally up to the client’s discretion, but rest assured our lighting designers can create whatever vision our customer desires. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga can install lighting on your roofline, wrap your trees and shrubbery in twinkle lights, install garland and wreaths, line your driveway and sidewalk, and even install a Christmas tree inside your home or business. We even have display figures like manger scenes and Santa and his reindeer. If it is Holiday Lighting and our customer wants it, we can get it, and install it properly. Just like with our LED Outdoor Lighting systems, Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga only uses the highest quality Holiday Lighting products on the market today. Unlike the guy with a truck and a ladder, we are not going down to the big box store and buying our holiday lighting products to install at our client’s home and business. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga sources our decorating materials from several specialty manufactures throughout the country. This is top quality material, and you better believe it makes a difference in how it looks on your home as well as home it performs. In most cases we are only using LED decorating products. This LED material has a very similar appearance to traditional incandescent bulbs. In many instances Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga clients cannot tell the difference between LED and incandescent once they are installed. If you want to have your roofline lit, Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga will custom cut the light string to fit your home. We purchase our LED string lights in 1000’ rolls, not a box of 25 at Walmart. This allows us
string to customize the lighting to fit your home and not worry about how to hide the last 5 bulbs on a string or come up a few short at the end of the gutter. The end result is a very clean, crisp look, just like a Gingerbread House! Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga goes the extra mile when doing your roofline to make sure there are no cut corners or missing areas. Usually the roofline decorations are the most expensive to run because of the size of the bulb, but since Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga uses LED bulbs, this energy draw is cut by 80%. Your holiday electric bill won’t be nearly as high as with traditional incandescent lights. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga also uses LED our tree and bush wrapping. We source LED garlands and wreaths for our greenery. These LED strings are very hard to distinguish from incandescent bulbs. They are also much lower on the energy draw which means we can connect more strings together, and this means less extension cords laying all over your yard. It also means longer lasting, more reliable products, so less outages during the season. So how does Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga’s holiday lighting program work? Glad you asked! First when you give us a call at 866-955-8646, you will get a visit from an Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga holiday lighting designer. He will draw up a plan to capture your holiday lighting vision. Then once the season arrives, Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga will install your brand new holiday lighting materials. They are your materials, you have purchased them. We will maintain the decorations throughout the season. If a bulb or string goes out, give us a call, we will be out within 48 hours to fix or replace it problem item. Try and get the truck and ladder guy to do that! Then after the season is over, Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga will return to take down the materials. We will put them in containers with your name on them and carefully inventory everything. Then we will store your holiday decorations in our warehouse during the off season. Then, next year we will bring those materials back to you and reinstall them and maintain them throughout the season for 50% of the original price from last year. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga could not make your holiday lighting dreams any easier! Give us a call today to set up your holiday consultation.