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Lifespark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga’s products are the better than the other guys. LifeSpark outdoor Lighting Chattanooga’s lighting products and systems are better than anything else you can buy on the market today. When you are considering making a significant purchase for your home you should do your research right? Most people are not going to plunk down several thousand dollars for a new purchase for their home improvement project, or for a car, a boat, or a vacation without doing some preliminary research, right? Well, you should not anyway! Your Outdoor Lighting project should not be any different. Not only should you check out the company you are hiring, but you should become familiar with the products that are being used so that you can really understand the value you are getting in return for your hard-earned dollar. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we offer our clients the very best outdoor lighting products available on the market today and we use the very best practices when installing these products at your home or business. Let us start by examining the components of a LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga system, and explain the differences between our product and many other products available on the market today. Let us first agree to recognize the standard by which we are judging our product and system. We are not discussing anything you can go to the big box stores and purchase yourself. The products available at these stores are cheaply made, have quick failure rates, and frankly do a poor job of lighting the things they are supposed to light. In this piece, we will only be discussing professional grade products as a part of a professionally installed system. With, let us look at the most obvious part of the Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga system, the lighting fixture itself. LifeSpark only uses Integrated LED fixtures. That simply means that our lighting fixtures were designed and engineered to be an LED product from day one of their creation. When you look at our fixture you will see that there are NO bulbs, not even an LED bulb. That is what Integrated means. The light source for LifeSpark’s fixtures are hardwired light emitting diodes that are manufactured into the structure of the fixture. This integrated light source is proven to provide a cleaner, more consistent light than any bulb could ever offer. When you compare an Integrated light source to a bulb, you will see that the bulb disperses less evenly than integrated. That means that the light shows less consistently in pattern on the house. The color output of the light for a bulb is also less consistent. Bulbs are run in lots of tens of thousands and their color temperature can vary from lot to lot. The other thing that affects the color output of a bulb is degradation of the light output over time. Studies have shown that the fixtures Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga uses are still producing 90% of the brightness level of light after 20 years as the day they were installed. LED Bulbs are down to only 75% brightness after only 5 years. That means that for you to keep your system looking consistent, you should replace all your LED Bulbs at least every 5 years to keep the system looking as good as the day installed. That will get quite expensive! If you don’t replace them all at once, you will end up with a new bright bulb next to an old dim bulb and that will show up easily when you look at your house. LifeSpark’s Integrated LED fixtures degrade at a MUCH slower rate and on a much more consistent basis than bulbs, and thus leave you with a much more even lighting pattern across the façade of your home or business. Now that you understand the difference between a LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga Integrated LED fixture and a halogen fixture with an LED bulb installed that the other guys are passing off as an LED fixture, lets quickly explore a few other things that make our fixture superior to theirs. The manufacturing process used for our fixtures yields a stronger component. Most of the fixtures LifeSpark uses are made from aircraft grade billet aluminum. Billet means that our fixtures started out as a solid chunk of metal that was cut down to the proper size on a machine. Many other manufacturers use cast
aluminum, which means the metal was melted down and poured into a mold and out pops a fixture when it cools. This fixture has a thinner more brittle side wall that the billet style. Next LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga prides itself on using Made in America products. The vast majority of the products we install are made right here in the good ole’ U S of A. Finally, LifeSpark backs these superior fixtures with an Industry Leading Lifetime warranty. Compare that with the other guys 5-year bulb warranty and you will quickly see the difference. Next let’s look at the brains of the system. Lifespark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga uses a pro grade transformer to drive the system. The transformer is what makes your Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga lighting system tick. It takes the house voltage and steps it down by a factor of 10. Thus, you have system that is driven by 12 volts of power instead of 120. This make your lighting system much safer, less expensive to install, and so much more energy efficient. A LifeSpark 15 light system will cost you less that $18 of electricity for the YEAR! LifeSpark only uses commercial grade stainless steel transformers that carry a lifetime warranty. Lastly, let’s look at the methods Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga uses to install your system. First, we have highly trained technicians to install your system using methods that we have developed over 20 years of being in this business. We have the tools necessary to install the fixtures in places that your average landscaper will not be able to do. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to make the difficult installs happen. The wiring connectors that Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga uses ensure a totally waterproof, tug-proof connection that will last for years and years. We will not use the common grease filled wire nuts or saddle connectors that most companies use. We are not in the business of making unnecessary service calls due to shortcuts in the install process. That is not good for anybody! We offer the Lifetime Warranty because we truly believe your system should give you a lifetime of worry free, hassle free service. When you are ready to buy the best lighting system available, give LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga a call at 866-955-8646. We will ensure that you get the most lighting bang for your lighting buck, and you will love the result and be the envy of your neighborhood.