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Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga should be your Outdoor Lighting Company of choice! At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we are aware that many people think just anybody can stick a few lights in the ground and make their house look awesome. This could probably not be any further from the truth! Sure, there are plenty of guys out there that fancy themselves outdoor lighting installers, but is it truly their profession? Do they REALLY know what they are doing? Will you ever see them again after they stick these new lights in the ground? And most importantly, how will your home or business look after they are done? At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we see all sorts of folks claiming to be outdoor lighting contractors. There are of course landscapers who do it, then there are some electricians who reluctantly do it, sprinkler guys do it, and then you have the mow and blow guys who do it (these are our favorite!) Now at LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga we ARE outdoor lighting professionals, but would you trust us to pick out and install your new hedges, or design your sprinkler system, or install a new breaker in your service panel, or even fertilize your lawn?!? I would hope not. We certainly have no desire to perform those services for you. And why is that? Because we are not trained for it! We do not study the best practices, new technologies, or even design elements of landscaping, sprinkler installation, or lawn maintenance. But, we DO study those things for outdoor lighting! At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we have spent years refining our craft. And let there be no mistake, you cannot learn the intricacies of outdoor lighting from a book or a class. This is a hands on, eyes on artistic craft that takes time to develop. Our designers have spent years studying the design of homes and businesses to learn how to best light them to achieve the dramatic effect that you as a client are looking for. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, lighting is our sole line of business. This is what we eat, drink, and breathe. We look at different houses every day. Some of these houses are new, and some have been there for 100 years. Heck, we have even designed and installed outdoor lighting for President Andrew Jackson’s historical home at The Hermitage in Nashville. Our breadth of knowledge and design is broad and varied. We have plenty of installations that are less than 15 fixtures, and plenty that are over 100 fixtures. But our goal is always the same – to make your home or business look as awesome after dark as it, does during the day. Many of our clients tell us they think their home looks better at night than it does during the day after we get their system installed. That is because outdoor lighting is all about emotion, and the mood you are able to set with properly placed lighting fixtures. But regardless of if your job is 15 or 100 fixtures you will be treated equally at Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga. We want all of our clients to get the WOW treatment so that they will tell their friends and family about us. When you choose to work with the true lighting professionals at Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, you are going to be working with a company you can trust and that will take care of your outdoor lighting needs for years to come. That is the other thing about LifeSpark, we are not just some guy in a truck that popped up yesterday and decided he was going to be an outdoor lighting installer. There are those guys out there. They think this job is easy, and honestly the new LED fixtures have made the installation of the fixtures a lot easier than it used to be when halogen was the way to go. But the installation is only a small part of the plan. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga started 10 years ago in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We have been in Chattanooga for 6 years and have expanded into Knoxville in the last couple of years. We have 100s and 100s of installations throughout Tennessee and North Georgia. As mentioned, the installation is only a small part of the process of outdoor lighting. The much more important aspect of the purchase is how you are treated after the sale and installation. What if you are a
little unsure about certain aspects of how the design turned out? Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga follows up on every installation, and if the design needs a little tweaking, we are happy to meet you after dark and adjust until you are fully satisfied. Think your mow and blow guy will do that? HA!! What about a warranty? Please know that no matter how good your outdoor lighting contractor is, there will be problems at some point down the road. It is just the nature of the beast. We are dealing with electrical components that are man-made and live in the rain, sleet, snow, blazing, heat, and freezing cold 365 days a year. Something will break, or get damaged. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga provides a Lifetime Warranty on all of our LED Landscape Lighting Systems. If something fails in the system due to manufacturer or installation defect, we will happily replace it at no charge for the life of the warranty. NO questions asked. Finally, what about maintenance on the system? Your outdoor lighting system is not installed in a static environment. Trees will grow, bushes will grow (or die!), dogs will dig, soil will shift. All of these things will affect how your landscape lighting system will look after a few years. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga is glad to provide our AMP – Annual Maintenance Program at NO charge for you for the life of the warranty. Any other company that might offer you some type of AMP will certainly charge you for it – as much as $15/fixture/year. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we believe you have purchased a premium product and you should receive premium service, and we believe AMP should be part of the program! You owe it to yourself to work with a true lighting professional. Why don’t you give Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga a call today at 866-955-8646? You will be glad you did!!!