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Lighting is our passion at Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga At LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, making your home or business shine at night is our primary goal. When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. When your dishwasher is broken, you call an appliance repairman. When your car won’t start you call the mechanic, right? You would not go to your primary care doctor for your toothache any more than you would take your broken-down car to the boat shop, so why would you trust your Outdoor Lighting project to someone other than a lighting specialist? It just does not make sense. Sure, your doctor knows about the anatomy of the mouth and teeth, but has he studied the mouth as his primary focus throughout his education? No!! Yes, boats and cars both have motors and electrical systems, but they are nothing alike. So, again I ask you, when you get ready to invest a sizeable amount of money on your outdoor lighting project, why would you not consult with a lighting professional? Again, at Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we take lighting very seriously, so much so that it is our primary focus of business. For most of us, our homes are the single largest investment we will ever make. We work hard to have a beautiful home that we can be proud of. Statistically speaking, our home is where the largest single part of our monthly income goes. So, if you a so willing to work so hard to have a home you can be proud of, a place that is warm and inviting where you want your friends and family to be comfortable and entertained, why would you let it sit in the dark for half of the time? At LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, the sole purpose of our business is to help you rectify this problem. LifeSpark wants you to be just as proud, if not prouder, of your home or business at night. How can we do that you ask? By consulting with you and designing the perfect outdoor lighting system for your needs and lifestyle. As an outdoor lighting specialist, we look at hundreds of different homes and businesses each year. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we know that each and every home is different and unique. It is our mission to highlight the uniqueness of your home to provide you with that wow factor in your lighting design that not only makes you proud, but also makes your friends and neighbors take notice too. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga does not shy away from the difficult areas of your home to light. We know that each home has areas that are not easy to get light to, but we relish the challenge of making that part of your home look awesome too. Most lighting companies are not up to that challenge. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga does not take a cookie cutter approach to lighting your home. Now, it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a truck and a couple of shovels fancies themselves a lighting company these days. Or, maybe you have run across the mow and blow guys that tell you sure we can install some outdoor lights for you. Please run as fast as you can from these guys if you want your house to look halfway decent when the project is complete. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we would never dream of telling you to install a River Birch instead of a Dogwood, we don’t have a clue how to design your sprinkler system, and frankly, we don’t want to mow your grass! What we do know is how to make your house or business look just as beautiful in the evening as it does at lunchtime. Why are we so good at what we do, and so much better than the other guys doing outdoor lighting? Because it is our passion. It is what we have devoted our business to. It is what we study and research. It is what we invest in and train our employees in. Who else do you know that drives around at night looking at outdoor lighting? Certainly not the mow and blow guys! Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga is constantly looking for ways to hone our skills. We go to trade shows to look at the newest offerings from manufacturers. That is why we are able to light those difficult areas of your property, because we have a
great variety of fixtures that are suited for specialized applications. Do you have a front-loading garage but would still like to have some light on it even though the driveway has already been poured right up to the garage doors? We have the fixture and skills to make that happen. Maybe you have a large second dormer set back from the edge of the roof over your front porch; if you don’t have light on that dormer, the overall picture is going to look incomplete. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga can do that too. How about that back patio that you would like to have some general light on when you are entertaining, but don’t want to turn on the bug attracting flood lights? We have a solution for that too! We can install switched moonlighting to shine down from an adjacent tree to mimic the effect of a full moonlit night. LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has a solution for your every lighting need. We would go so far as to say that we have never not been able to get a light in a place where we need it to create the effect we are trying for. Here is one last reason you should choose to work with a lighting professional for your project: after installation responsiveness and service. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we have never claimed to be the cheapest guy in town, don’t want to be as a matter of fact. If we were the cheapest we could not possibly offer you the quality of product and level of service after the installation that we strive to do able to do. Your Outdoor Lighting system is going to live outside in the elements for years and years. There will be service issues guaranteed! With LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, your system is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. If there are problems, we will be there to fix them. Will your landscaper? Or will he have moved on to the next huge project and take a couple of weeks to get around to getting to you? Our bet is no. Please consider all the aspects of your project. You should come to the conclusion that working with a lighting specialist is the right move to make, and once you have reached that conclusion, please give LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga a chance to earn your business. Call us today at 866-955-8646.