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How can Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga help all Homeowners? At LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, we hear from customers for a variety of different reasons. Customers want outdoor lighting for a number of different reasons. However, they generally fall into three main categories: they want to make their home beautiful, they want to increase the security of their home for their family, they want to increase the safety of movement around their property for themselves and their guests, or a combination of these three reasons. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga can confidently say that we can help you with each of these in a variety of ways, and generally the results created for one reason provides help in each of these areas. At LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga the number one reason we hear from new clients interested in outdoor lighting is that they want to make their home beautiful at night. Clients want their homes to be as beautiful at night as it is in the day for a number of reasons. For starters, in many communities outdoor lighting is the standard rather than the exception. Outdoor lighting is utilized on many of the homes in their neighborhood and they want their home to be reflective of the community norms. Now, this is by no means to say that most of the homes in the neighborhood have GOOD outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, our goal is for our customers to have the BEST looking outdoor lighting system possible. LifeSpark accomplishes this goal in a number of ways. First and foremost, we use only the best LED Outdoor Lighting fixture available on the market today. These fixtures render the best light output we have ever seen, and this is a very important part of properly lighting your house. The beam angle and light disbursement stays very consistent with minimal light fade. The Integrated LED fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga also offer a very consistent and true COLOR of light. Many people think that LED lights are really white or even blue. This was the case several years ago and is the reason halogen bulbs remained the standard for outdoor lighting for so long. But no longer is this true. A good LED fixture from Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga produces a warm white hue that is identical to the output of a halogen bulb. As a matter of fact, if you put a halogen bulb next to one of our LED fixtures you cannot tell them apart. Finally, in the aspect of making your home or business beautiful for the long term, our fixtures are superior because their light output degrades at such a slow rate. After 20 years, LifeSpark’s Integrated LED fixture still has 90% of the light output as the day it was installed. Compare this to an LED Bulb that is down to 70% output after only 5 years. What this leads to is variations in the lighting intensity along the façade of your home or business over time, because there may be a brand-new bulb installed right next to a 4-year-old bulb. This will show up really obviously on lighter color brick or stucco homes. Another reason people tell us they want to make their home or business beautiful at night is because they realize, like we preach all the time, that they have invested a lot of time, energy, and money in having their home look just exactly the way they picture it in their minds eye. So, what happens after sunset when darkness falls? All that beauty is hidden by night. At Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga, our goal is to continue to show off that beauty long after night falls. Many of our clients tell us that they think their how looks even more spectacular after dark than if does in the daytime. That is because a properly designed Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga system uses lighting to create drama. The shadow and light plays together to make your home look totally different during evening than it might during the day. Many clients are surprised by this, but that it what you get when you choose to work with true lighting professionals whose sole business is lighting.
Of the three main reasons our clients tell us they want to install an Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga system is that they want to increase the security of their homes for their family. Many of our clients travel for business, this means they are often leaving their spouse and kids home while they are away at work for several days and they want an extra layer of security for their property. Yes, they have a security system in case there is an actual intrusion into their home, but they are looking for ways to prevent that intrusion from ever happening. Statistically speaking, a well-lit home is the best way to keep a would-be intruder from ever considering breaking into your home. That is the whole point of lighting for security, to keep the bad guys moving on to the next place where they may hide in the shadows to find an easy way into your property and family. A well designed Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga can eliminate these problem areas and make your home and family much safer, and at the same time, we make your house beautiful too! Finally, clients consider contracting with Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga to increase the safety of movement for their family and guests around their property. The case may be that the homeowner is a little bit older, or they frequently have older guests and they want to eliminate dark areas that may be trip and fall hazards. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has conquered these problem areas whether they are dark front steps, irregular sidewalks that people may trip on, long dark driveways, or even REALLY long staircases down to a boat dock. We can confidently tackle any problem area because we have the variety of lighting fixtures to do the job properly. Many companies that offer lighting as a side job do not have that wide variety of lighting fixtures and they often do not have the skills necessary to install a light in a difficult to reach area. Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga has the tools, skills and fixtures to successfully execute a beautiful lighting plan at your property no matter what your motivation may be. Give us a chance to earn your business, call today at 866-955-8646.