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LifeSpark Lighting, Inc. show you how you can increase the beauty, safety, and security of your home and landscape with the artistic placement of landscape and architecture lighting fixtures.

LifeSpark Lighting, Inc. is a landscape lighting and seasonal lighting and design company that specializes in custom lighting design for homes and businesses. We use only the highest quality, lowest maintenance, outdoor lighting system components available on the professional market. That is why when you choose to work with LifeSpark Lighting, Inc., you can be assured of receiving nothing but the absolute finest system available.

All work is personally designed. Unlike most companies, who offer outdoor lighting services as a sideline to their primary business, landscape lighting is our only business. See our services page for more information on what exactly you get when you contact LifeSpark Lighting, Inc.. CALL NOW 615-796-3961 or 1-866-955-8646!

Our Mission at LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting is to add a “spark” to your homes with Landscape & Holiday Lighting, but more importantly adding a “spark” to the youth in our communities by providing hope and opportunity.  We will donate $10 for each new fixture purchased to the development and support of Youth Recreational Centers in the area.


View the progress from our latest mission!

  • LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade – from Drab to Fab


    I recently had the opportunity to meet with one of Chattanooga’s largest commercial building contractors concerning the outdoor lighting at his personal home. He lives in a beautiful home in a golf course community. He has been in his home for 18 years. The landscaping and outdoor lighting had both fallen into a bit of disrepair. The lighting fixtures that the landscaper had used when it was installed were of average quality at best. It was a halogen system that really was not lighting the house and garden very well anymore and had become a maintenance nightmare. I told him that LifeSpark could take care of all his lighting problems and he would never have to touch the system again.

      Our first step was to redesign the entire outdoor lighting system. By re-positioning the lighting fixtures we are more effectively able to highlight the architectural features of the home while eliminating light intrusion into the home. The first step to getting the most out of your outdoor lighting dollars is to let a professional  design the system. It takes experience to know how to call attention to the beauty of your home while downplaying other things. The next step was to work in concert with the landscaper to get the installation timing just right. We wanted to come in after the new planting were installed, but before the new ground cover was put in. Marty at The Crafted Garden was great to work with in this respect. On installation day we removed all traces of the old system from wiring to transformer. Once we had a clean slate to work with, we began installing our state-of-the-art LED Outdoor Lighting system. LifeSpark’s standard system includes top of the line Integrated LED fixturesthere are no bulbs in our fixtures. Our fixtures are aircraft grade billet aluminum and are made in the USA. We install all of our fixtures with waterproof locking wire connectors to ensure there is never a moisture-related short at any of the connections. The system is powered by a commercial grade stainless steel transformer. All of this equipment is controlled by an astronomical timer which self-adjusts daily to the rising and setting of the sun and has a battery backup just in case of power outage. Our new client will never have to worry about changing a bulb in his new landscape lighting system. The entire installation is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer or installation defect. That warranty is not pro-rated, nor is there a service fee charged to assess a problem. Finally, once per year LifeSpark will perform an annual maintenance on the system to clean and readjust all of the fixtures at NO additional charge. We do not charge the client to maintain the system to keep it under warranty. In the end, this homeowner ended up with a great new outdoor lighting system that he will never have to touch or spend another dime on to maintain. But the true test is how the house looks. It looks fabulous. The house really pops and the garden is highlighted in just the right spots and with the right amount of light. There is depth to the design so all of the light is not concentrated just on the house or the garden. The homeowner was out of town during the installation and got back about 10:00 in the evening to see it for the first time. He called me that very evening to tell me how happy he was with the result.  Awesome! That is what drives us here at LifeSpark. Knowing that our clients are getting great value for their money but more importantly, that they are thrilled with the result. Call us today or fill out the Consultation Request right on this page to set up your In-home Consultation and let us show you how LifeSpark  can add a little “Spark” to your home’s nighttime appearance. 20160529_212658[1] 20160529_212516[1]  
  • Check out this LED Beauty

    Mountain Shadows Beauty

    Mountain Shadows Beauty

    LifeSpark recently had the opportunity to transform this home’s nighttime appearance with new LED lighting. This property had an existing Halogen Landscape Lighting System. The home owner was tired of the expense and hassle of maintaining the halogen system. Plus, the whole system had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer doing a good job of lighting the property. LifeSpark installed all new state-of-the-art integrated LED fixtures throughout the property. We tweaked the design to highlight the home’s architectural features as well as the landscaping.  The new pathlights provide a much large radius of light. The uplights on the trees more fully illuminate the trees. The warm white of the LEDs compliment the color tones of the structure. The client was astounded by the difference the upgrades made. In addition to the obvious improvements the upgrade made, we have also eliminated the expense of that halogen system. Our LED fixtures are up to 80% more energy efficient than the halogens. There are no bulb replacement costs, because there are no bulbs! This is an integrated LED fixture. We also eliminated annual maintenance costs of having another company maintain the system. At LifeSpark we include annual maintenance on all of our LED systems at no additional cost. And the best part… all is backed by a Lifetime Warranty! Have you  been thinking about adding Landscape Lighting to your home? Maybe you also have a halogen system that you are tired of maintaining. Want to increase your nighttime curb appeal while increasing the security and safety of your home at the same time? Why not call LifeSpark for a no obligation Lighting Consultation? Our professional designers will meet with you and determine the best way to accomplish your outdoor lighting goals. We will provide you a detailed written proposal at the consultation and answer all your questions and concerns. Our conscientious installers can usually have your new system up and running within 2 weeks. Call us today at 866-955-8646 or fill out our Consultation Form  on our website. We look forward to helping you add a little “Spark” to your home!
  • Need “Spark” over a patio or for a Special Event? Try Festoon Lights!


    Festoon lighting, or Festival lighting as some call it, is all the rage today. Many homeowners are using Festoon lighting to light up their porch or patio. Many wedding planners are using it to light up outdoor wedding spaces. Restaurants use Festoon lighting over outdoor dining areas. Event halls use it to add a warm glow to their venue.

    You have probably seen this type of lighting somewhere but did not realize it was called Festoon or Festival lighting. So what exactly is Festoon lighting? We here at LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting believe that Festoon lighting should be more than just “string lights”. The light cord that we use is heavy gauge, outdoor rated power cord with a standard socket every 24 inches. The magic happens when we install the bulb…

      Edison bulbWe use an LED “Edison” style bulb. The light output from the LEDs is warm white in tone and the clear bulb is reminiscent of what is found in antique lamps and light fixtures. Together, these create an Olde World, French Market feel that is perfect for small gatherings around the backyard table or huge events in a commercial space. We recently had the opportunity to work with an event venue in Chattanooga called The Peyton on a Festoon project. We, and they, were thrilled with the way the project turned out!
    the Peyton Festoon Day

    The Peyton Daytime Festoon

    The Peyton Festoon

    The Peyton Nighttime Festoon

                  From commercial to residential, at LifeSpark we have many different options for Festoon lighting. We can install Festoon lights over your back patio, under a pergola, or even in an open space over a fire pit or sitting area in your backyard. For restaurants and bars, we can install over your outdoor dining area. For wedding and event halls, the options are endless, indoors or out! LifeSpark even has a Festoon Light Rental Program for one time events like parties or weddings that need that little extra “Spark”! All you need to supply is the power source, we take it from there, and if you don’t have a power source, we work  with electricians who can get one for you. So what are you waiting for? Call LifeSpark today at 866-955-8646 or check out our website  to discuss your Festoon project.  
  • Decisions, decisions…why choose Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting Architectural Appeal
    lifesparklogo600cBeing a homeowner is no easy task. While having a safe, comfortable home is considered by most to be a quintessential part of the “American Dream” , it does not come without its fair share of tough decisions. Homeowners must make decisions about their home’s upkeep and maintenance on an yearly, if not weekly basis. These decisions greatly impact the value and condition of their investment. Neglect your property and it can quickly fall into disrepair and begin to lose value. Spending your hard-earned cash on ill-advised home improvements projects can have a low return on investment or even cost you money over time. So it is important to spend your home improvement dollars wisely. The key is  to make sure your project does actually improve your home and add value to the bottom line. Professionally installed outdoor lighting should be a part of the home improvement plan. So how does an Outdoor Lighting System fit into that plan you might ask. According to a recent article published by HouseLogic, outdoor lighting consistently tops the National Association of Home Builder’s list of most wanted outdoor features in its annual “What Home Buyers Really Want” survey: 41% rate it “essential;” 49% say it’s “desirable.” When lighting is incorporated into a fully developed landscape plan, the property value is increased. Your home’s value increases with a Professionally Installed LED Landscape Lighting System for several reasons.

     #1 Outdoor Lighting increases your Home’s Nighttime Curb Appeal


    Your home is most likely the largest single investment you own. Why hide it in the dark nearly half of the time? Properly placed landscape lighting fixtures call attention to the details of your home that you fell in love with in the first place, but with a much more dramatic effect in the evening.

    #2 Outdoor Lighting highlights your Home’s Architectural Features

    Outdoor Lighting Architectural Appeal

    A professional landscape lighting company can use strategically placed fixtures to show off the details of your home, even the hard to reach ones!

    #3 Outdoor Lighting brings attention the key features of your Home’s Landscape

    Outdoor Lighting Landscape

    Why would you go to the extraordinary effort and expense of installing an extensive landscape and not be able to enjoy it at night? Proper placement of LED landscape lighting fixtures can accent the color and movement of trees, capture the rush of a waterfall, and highlight the textures of boulders and flagstone.

    #4 Outdoor Lighting increases the Security of your HomeIMG_5885The same lighting that makes your home beautiful and welcoming to friends and guests, makes your home unappealing to would-be intruders. Studies have shown that the effect created by landscape lighting is much more effective at deterring criminals than the so-called “security lights” which create  such a glare that burglars  can actually use it to hide in.

    #5 Outdoor Lighting increases the Safety of Movement around your Property

    landscape-lights-6_0The proper installation of high quality Landscape Lighting fixtures along pathways, sidewalks, and steps greatly reduces the risk of injury from slips and falls. You don’t need to create a runway effect if you choose the right fixture for the job.

    Of course all of these advantages can quickly vanish if you start your project off on the wrong foot. There are several factors that are critical to success when you choose to install outdoor lighting. Start off by actually having a plan and know what it is you are trying to achieve. Is security your main objective, or is it architectural  appeal? Choose the right contractor. For most, this is not a DIY project, so choose your lighting specialist carefully. Choose the right fixtures and components. Your contractor can help guide your decisions on fixture choice. By all means, choose LED if at all possible. But there are many options beyond just fixture type. Please look for future articles to help you make the right choice for your Outdoor Lighting System.

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Outdoor Lighting Architectural Appeal

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